My appologies

My appologies… I found myself being paranoid about how little inbound traffic alerts I was getting in my CPF logs and posted a reply in “dissatisfied with comodo” on Wilders Security just asking for alternate firewalls.

I subsequently tried out Outpost Pro and after a week realized it was the same number of alerts and that there was nothing to worry about. Having been a former ZoneAlarm user I think ZA puts you in a false sense of paranoia about internet traffic.

At any rate, I’m back for good…

Can’t wait till CPF3!

Have a drink m8, it will relax you :■■■■

Anyway, welcome back. The CFP 3.0 BETA is sceduled for the 16th of this month (:WIN)

Greetz, Red.

welcome back Eric :slight_smile:



Did you also “rectify” your complaint\information on that forum?

I have now…

I’m eagerly awaiting CPF3 to come out for the Vista machine I also have…


Welcome back Eric, in the future as Comodo builds its safelist database making it even bigger, you will receive an even less amount of alerts :o

Anyways welcome back :wink: