my account


I registered here a few weeks ago. I started a thread in Comodo 3 section. People helped me. (:HUG)

I came back today to start another thread and found out my account was gone. I could not log in or recover my password. I had to register again today. With the same nickname and email address.

Are you guys deleting inactive accounts only after a few weeks? Please tell me. Thank you.

I do not think they are doing that, odd that your account has gone.
Just checked my other account I had to open when there was a problem with the forum template it is still there last access was on the 20th April.

There have been some recent forum software upgrades with problems; could be you got caught in a backup regression.

Hi Cassie,

No we do not delete accounts that are XX days/weeks/months/years old.
The only reason an account is removed is for persistant forum policy abuse.Im not sure what happened in your case,but am glad its sorted.


Hi Cassie

I can see where you previously posted under the username of Cassie (07/08-May), but I don’t know what happened to that user account or the topic you were posting into. There was a recent system crash in the forums, which resulted in lost data, … and (just checked) the time-frame is right. So, I suspect this is our answer. Sorry about that.

I guess it was a software upgrade problem cause I am not abuser. (:AGL)

Thanks for the replies. (L)