My 2cents on the matter

Based on the current headline posted on the geekstein website, “A new way to help your friends”, it seems as though this particular remote management software is being targeted toward tech-savvy home users who offer tech assistance to their friends. I think the concept is a great idea, however, I don’t think it is realistic to charge for this software for a number of reasons:

-People who offer to help their friends are typically working for free. Unpaid volunteers don’t typically pay to be volunteers.
-There are a number of free ways to offer free remote support tools, but perhaps the one that should matter most to comodo is the one offered by a competing security company, avira.

Avira recently ( started offering a remote support tool that is also targeted toward home users who offer tech assistance to their friends. Their tool is called Pilot and it is a re-branded version of logmein pro that is available for free. I think the business/monetization model there is essentially to encourage novice computer users to rely on avira security software because they can have one of their tech-savvy friends/family manage the software and their computers for them. The incentive so far that is available for the tech-savvy person is that he/she can earn free software licenses by recommending that people sign up for avira software, even if it’s the free version. Personally, I really like this particular business model. It seems to make an effort at a win-win-win situation and I think that comodo should strongly consider its merits, especially since comodo has a larger suite of offerings.

Think of this potential scenario:

Comodo has a portal that makes it very easy for a novice to sign up for comodo software and optionally have a trusted friend/family member manage the full suite of applications. This tech person could manage their antivirus, firewall, backups, etc. with pre-set rules which makes his/her job much easier. Comodo in turn gets free marketing from techs who insist on their friends/family installing comodo products if they want free tech support from that tech.