Must be almost time to update the Comodo website

Hi folks,
Congratulations on CIS 3.5, a superb piece of work!

I’m writing on behalf of all the droolers who waited patiently for CAVS 3 to come out. On the Comodo website page for CAVS, it still has the description of version 2 beta! It also has a sign-up box, with a promise that people will be notified when version 3 comes out. I can testify that no such mail has ever gone out.

Now I’m fully aware that CIS 3.5 contains BOTH Firewall and Anti-Virus. But I wonder how many potential users are still waiting to be notified.

When you do get around to sending that email notice, it would be good to contain those two vital items of information found in various places on the forum:

  • How to install only Firewall or only Anti-virus
  • How to carry over configuration settings to the new setup.

Looking forward to seeing some action on this,
Bruce Fraser

I don’t think any of us have been notified yet. COMODO really should update CAVS on their site or remove it and lead them to the CIS DL.

Great letter by BruceFraser, stating my thoughts almost exactly :Beer

Also, congrats Melih and the Comodo team.
This was a long time in coming, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. :BNC

This has been passed on to the website guys, according to Melih. Let’s hope for an update soon. :wink: