Musicmatch and keyboardhook.dll

I’m getting the following when I try to open Musicmatch. I’ve had both Comodo and Musicmatch for a while and have never had this problem (though I did just reinstall Comodo). If I click “Deny,” it tries to use Firefox, and if I deny that, neither application works. Is this something I can allow?

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OK… its name is obvious… keyboardhook.dll… its a key logger. Question, is Musicmatch meant to be using a key logger? Might be… to emulate a keyboard. So, it might be a legitimate one. Check Musicmatch’s help & web site, seek confirmation.

Google searches suggest that it is indeed a commercial key logger+. Do you have any surveillance software installed?


Hmmm. Not sure what surveillance software is, so I probably don’t ahve any installed. Interestingly, my Google search led me to the opposite conclusion. Here are some of the links I found:

Any ideas what I should do about this? Any time Musicmatch is running, it tries to inject Keyboardhookdll.dll into any other application that tries to connect to the Internet (e.g., Firefox). When I click on “Submit to Comodo for analysis,” Musicmatch even tries to inject it into the Comodo application! Unfortunately, if I click on “Deny,” the application that is trying to connect to the Internet won’t work. With Firefox, for example, I get an “Unable to establish connection” message. I then have to close Musicmatch before re-launching Firefox.

surveillance software: Erm… Net Nanny, stuff that spies on the kids to make sure they’re not getting into trouble. Logs URLs visited, key-strokes, screen shots, etc…

Well if Music Match doesn’t “need” it, then try moving the DLL if it is not already running (if it is running, you’ll need to reboot first).

Or rename it into KeyboardHookDll.dll.bck or something.
In the link posted

there is one comment stating

Wollte immer wieder ins System bzw. andere Programme fernsteuern! Habe die Datei einfach in KeyboardHookDll.bak.dll umbennant und alles ist gut!

Translated it’s nothing more than “I’ve renamed it and everything is alright”.

My Logitech keyboard came with something similar. Since then I do not use the software provided anymore and… all media-keys still work ^.^
OK, I cannot configure them but volume, play, stop, mail, and whatnot works and thats all I need. No need for a keylogger.

No surveillance s/w – my kids are still too young for that. Renaming the dll file, though, seems to have done the trick. Can’t believe it was that easy. Thanks for all the help!