Hi. The Dragon does not switch between profiles or I missed something? I was able to create an additional profile, but after restarting the browser, I can not switch to main profile. I tried to remove the extra profile, but after restarting the browser it is created again, but with a different name.

Dragon devs, if the switch at this point is missing, do you plan to correct this defect and when? I want to use the Dragon :), but I can not do this without a full multiprofile support. :-[

With best regards, Alex.

same issue here.
I think because CD logo are at the same place user profile icone

Talk about bad QA and bad feature testing. CD is now in such a rush to keep current with latest Chrome/Chromium and even (for CD 16) “releasing faster than Chrome itself” that simple feature, usability, QA, and usage testing is being sacrificed.

That’s what you get for integrating Chromium v.16 code and rushing CD 16 Final out the door while Google was still beta testing the same code. CD knows better than Google and can rush the code out faster?

Or CD is just in a version race with Google and doesn’t care about quality and duly testing anymore?