multiple users

In my XP-SP2-Home system I have one admin acct (mine) and several limited rights users accts. In my admin acct when I open CPF everything appears to be in order. However in the limited rights accts everything is red X and OFF (see attachment I) and sometimes I get a popup that CPF is inactive (see attachment II). Task manager reports that CPF process is running and Windows Security Center also seems to be indicating that CPF is running. Also when I disconnect the limited rights acct I get a program not responding box for CPF and sometimes it even crashes the computer. Occassionally I also get the CPF inactive popup (attachment II) in my admin acct, but so far exiting and relaunching seems to solve the problem.
What is going on here?

UPDATE: Aug 30 I checked again and I see that CPF is working properly in all user accts. However now in the limited rights accts WinSecCen is reporting that there is no firewall (as opposed to yesterday when CPF was inactive in the limited users accts but WSC was reporting proper firewall activity).

NEXT UPDATE: Aug 31 again I have CPF inactive but only in the limited rights users accts, while in my admin acct everything is in order. Can someone please advise if all activity on this computer isprotected by CPF even if the GUI (and popup) notify that CPF is inactive. I am begining to be concerned.

[attachment deleted by admin]