multiple user warning?

I just stumbled over the warning CPF issues when u switch user - it reads like(not exactly):

user X is using the firewall but u are safe. try again when user X has logged off.

I must say the sense of this message puzzles me…what does it acually mean?

You are abviously using version 2.2.X of CPF, as Fast User Switching is allowed with the latest beta version (V2.3.0.20).

What this message means is that when user A starts the PC, CPF initilaizes and protects the PC and user A can modify the rule sets, logs, etc. If the PC is switched so user B can log in, the fundamental services of the firewall are still operational and the PC is still protected under user B’s login, but the control mechanisms of the application aren’t available to user B, as they were started under user A’s login.

You’re still safe, but modifications can only be made to CPF if the PC is switched back to user A’s login.

Feel free to try the latest beta version which “corrects” this. The beta can be downloaded at

You will need to fully uninstall your exisiting CPF before installing the beta version. This beta is remarkably stable, and is more than good enough for everyday use.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

aha, thanks for this! I’ll wait for the next CPF release…no drama!