Multiple sandboxes

Addition of multiple sandboxes with individual configuration and reset will increase security and usability of CIS. I like this feature in Sandboxie.

Vote please.

I voted but just to be sure, you do mean multiple sandboxes side by side right? So Chrome is in one instance and FireFox in another and they can’t affect eachother? And not multiple sandboxes in eachother i.e sandboxception.

Yes, isolated from each other sandboxes. I like how it is implemented in the Sandboxie. It is very convenient for many reasons: security, testing, even routine use of user’s various apps.


I was a bit disappointed with the sandbox functionality in the version 6 release. I was hoping for a more feature-rich application.

There have been refinements in the underlying technology of the sandbox, but other than the kiosk, the functionality (as far as user control) of the manual sandbox is basically the same as it has been since it was introduced.

+1 :-TU