Multiple MID's under one account?

Hi -

I used the free HG account to try out the service and am ready to purchase the enterprise package.

I have 8 stores of the same franchise in the same city - all run under one corporate name.

Each store has a separate Merchant ID. Each store has only 1 external IP that needs to be scanned, for a total of 8.

Will I be able to use multiple MID’s under one enterprise account, and generate a certificate of compliance for each one?


Hi BubblesQuah,

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Can you please open a ticket here with your question.
There staff should be available to answer you, the forums is run by Volunteers, and not everybody is an expert in all products.
So you risk the chance of waiting to long for an answer.

Thanks Ronny.

This morning, after I saw your post, I opened a ticket as you suggested.

I never heard anything, and I just check the ticket and it showed a status of “closed”. ???

Pretty bad that I want to spend $500+ but can’t because I can’t figure out how to get an answer to a simple question. :-TD

Hi BubblesQuah,

That’s not how it’s supposed to go, I’ll see what I can do. Please hold on for a little while.

i asked the relevant team for an answer.

Hi BubblesQuah,

The compliance reports are for a company not a merchant ID. So the reports will be for all the scanned IP Addresses.

Sorry we currently don’t support multiple companies under one account.


Thanks for the reply Ross.

Are your sure the compliance certificate is by company? If so, how is compliance reported to the processor, and why am I asked for my merchant ID?

I understand that you dont support multiple companies under one account - what I’m asking is if you support multiple MID’s (assigned to a single company) under one account?

We follow the PCI DSS ASV Program Guide Reference (which is available from the PCI SSC website). It specifies the format for the reports we provide. These do not include a merchant ID and refer to the customer by company name.

We do not support multiple Merchant ID’s per account.

Exact same thing that happened bubbles’ happened now to me. This helped clarify things. Thanks Ross.