Multiple laptops

Hi all; I have just begun to evaluate Comodo Personal Firewall after reading some very good reviews on it. Before I go much further, I need to know if there is any problem with using it on a number of our companies laptops? Do I to register numerous times and get different activation codes? If so, do I need to use different e-mail addresses, or can I get multiple activation codes using the same e-mail address.

Sorry for the questions if they have been previously answered. I just want everything to be on the up and up. If the firewall isn’t intended for business use, I understand. Just let me know.


Welcome to Comodo forum!
It’s ok to use it for small business use.
You can probably use the same code on all of them, but I think Comodo prefer if you download and use different for every computer, so they can keep track of how popular it is.
Since it’s free, I think that you should do that. It’s a small price to pay back to them.
You can probably use the same email, just try it out.
When you are done, enjoy a ■■■■… :wink: :■■■■

You can use the same email address for multiple codes for the same software (ie, CPF); I have done so w/o any problem (I uninstalled & hadn’t kept the download so I had to do it all over again). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it stated in the forums that they’ll send a bunch on request (reference was to users in other countries that run small IT businesses, and need to activate the software on computers that don’t necessarily have internet access at the time). I think it was Melih that said it would be better to get individual keys than using the same one over and over. I did some searches thru the forum, but can’t find the posts where I read that (apparently I’m not using the right phrase on the search).

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the feedback guys. I will simply request additional activation codes using the same e-mail address.

The Comodo forums seem to be made up of helpful, friendly people. It’s a refreshing change from some other forums I have visited.

I look forward to talking to you all more in the future.

Thanks again.

That’s been my experience as well, cx600; hope you enjoy it here. If you have a question, it should be addressed pretty quickly. Once it’s been answered, however, the thread may go off topic a bit, which throws some folks off… :o


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