Multiple issues since updated to version

Yesterday or the day before Comodo popped up saying new version available. I clicked yes without thinking as i’ve used this software for years.

today I turn on my laptop and get bombared with popups to allow applications all over again as if i just first installed it. However, when i clicked “allowed application” and tick the remember box… in under 10 seconds it comes up again as if i didnt say anything.

after 50 minutes of popups i finally got them to stop.

desktop icon keeps deleting and restoring itself, and if i try to delete it, it hangs on “deleting” forever… or deletes then the screen refreshes and it comes back again. (I have a tidy desktop in folders, eg security folder for all the virus scans spyware scans and firewall etc) and when i move comodo shortcut in there, it comes back again 2 seconds later and flashes.

i opened the app itslef to check whats changed eg if any new settings. then found comodo had blocked my internet access on chrome and my antivirus and lenovo drivers. I had to unblock the programs it blocked for no reason without warning or asking me.

Don’t comodo TEST their firewalls before upgrading? also it says inbound 142 - outbound 429487

im sure i dont have THAT many programs even ON this laptop that access the internet. – when i click it it says chrome, system, and antivirus are only connecting… so where has the 142 in and 429487 out come from?

How do I roll back to the old version that was far far far more stable and no bugs at all that i’ve noticed… meanwhile typing this i’ve had 26 popups asking if i want to allow chrome access to the internet…UGH!

Might uninstall the whole thing soon… very very annoying.

Hi DragonWolf5589,
We suggest you to install latest version. Some of users have observed the pop-up problems you stated upon update.
However same problem should not appear when you install afresh.
You can download latest setup from following released page:

However desktop shortcut bug

and when i move comodo shortcut in there, it comes back again 2 seconds later and flashes.

still be there, for which you will have to wait for next release.

So please bear with us.


Ok thanks for the reply. I’ll reinstall comodo firewall. bit of a pain but at least there is a fix (I better tell my mum to do the same on her laptop)

the desktop icon bug is a pain, but at least its being worked on

thanks again for quick reply. will update you with any issues (if any) after a fresh install of comodo

Thanks for understanding.
Upon fresh installation, if you see any problem, that you didn’t see before in previous version, we would like to know except the shortcut thingy.