multiple gmail account on outlook 2010 - can't figure it out how to setup


I need a bit of help, I cannot figure out how to configure the following:

  • I am using outlook 2010 on windows 7
  • I have 3 gmail accounts setup using the same via SSL and via TLS
  • I am also running kaspersky pure (but I disabled emails anti-spam for now)


  1. when I did setup CAS, it wouldn’t let me add my additional email addresses because they would use the same port, so I tried to use an alternate port (increment of 1) but outlook wouldn’t fetch any emails.
  2. I installed all my emails accounts with the same port by disabling all of them…
  3. when I run outlook, I am configured to use ssl and tls in outlook which is not supposed to be according to some CAS documentation…

can someone please provide a detailed steps by steps instructions? even in text, I will test it and provide back a nice article with screen shots for others…