Multiple File Selection in 'My Pending Files' list.

This is a needed feature. A check-box is nice, the abilitiy to select just a few files and then inverse the selection be checking the top level check-box is nice; yet we really need to have the ability to select an item and [Shift] select another to select all items in between.

I’m not sure about other people, but I usually have multiple items in my Pending List and when installing an application it gets tiring and boring to click, click, click, in order to add files to My Safe List.

Perhaps I’ve missed that there already is a way to do this?

Exactly what I want too! When I revised my wife’s computer, there were 4875 pending files. Many of them of no importance (temp files) that would be better off removed, some of them a number of files that should be marked as my own safe files. But since I would have to mark each and every single file instead of “start file + ctrl + end file” as in explorer, I just removed them all, which is stupid but the only way to do it fairly fast.

ditto. completely echo your sentiment.

In particular, I’d like to see support for ctrl & shift selection, and a context menu with “check selection”, “uncheck selection” and “invert selection” or “check all but selection” and “uncheck all but selection” options. In addition to My Pending Files, all file list windows (eg My Safe Files) should support this.

Yes, I agree. There should be a way for selecting as many files as you wish at the same time in the my “pending files” windows, but also in other windows of CIS.

I don’t think this is even close to enough. My Pending Files can rapidly become too large to be manageable. I’d say a complete rethinking is in order.


I agree absolutely. Something went funny with my browser cache, and I had over 4000 files in my pending list. Being able to select them in blocks would have made it a snap to clear them all to where they needed to go. Fortunately the majority were purged away, but it was still a daunting task up until I pushed that button.