Multiple DNS from 1 IP?

Can somebody tell me what is going on here?
Ok there is this 1 server I connect to, it is an online game, on this particular server there is a bunch of DNS requests the MAIN address i am trying to connect to is “” according to wireshark this name resolves as but when I ping the address it doesn’t respond, only way I was able to get the DNS was with wireshark.
Anyways the address points to “” but there is about 4 other weird IP address that point to from this one server, what is the purpose of this?
The IP addresses they are using are strange, it is a regular IP but with a . at the end of it the IP wont ping unless you put the .
here is a couple of the addresses.
All of these addresses point to and none of them will work unless you ping them with the period at the end of it.
Can somebody please explain what is happening?


The address is barefruit. Barefruit - The Barefruit Solution A number of DNS servers redirect to this service when a 404 is found.

These addresses:

Are all root DNS server addresses and the period at the end of the address denotes the root.