Multiple confirmations necessary


I have to say this now. I admit, I didn’t search very long for the problem this time.

“cmdagent wants to access the internet” That may be ok, but even if I say “treat as blocked application” without checking “saving this setting”, I’m asked two to four times in a row with a gap of ~2 to 5 seconds. Shouldn’t the UI ask me only once as long as it’s the same process running? This is my question.

…I’m logging Windows’ process starts. There I’ve seen that not multiple instances have been started. (The process ID should be shown in the dialog - I’ve already voted for the suggestion made here somewhere.)

(BTW, I don’t know why cmdagent does this at all. The event log says that cmdagent fails to connect to, but AFAIK this is the “comodo message center”. The option “Show messages from COMODO message center” has been disabled in the FW options, so I don’t know why he’s still trying to connect.)

This happens also with other applications, for example Thunderbird.

Thank you.

EDIT: I’m sorry, Windows 10.0.16299.492, only Comodo firewall installed, latest version (, checking for updates says “up to date”)

Maybe my initial post was too confusing. In short: If I select “treat as blocked application”, I often have to do it multiple times. Is this normal?

Queued alerts that won’t go away until you answer them even if a previous answer would have dealt with the queued alert.

Okay. I thought this didn’t apply to “treat as blocked application” in the past - but I can be wrong.

Unfortunatelly, this does not only apply to queued alerts. Within the same instance of e.g. devenv.exe (Visual Studio) I’m asked multiple times at intervals of many minutes. Version meanwhile.

What is the firewall alert frequency level set to? If it is set to high it will alert for each port number for each protocol so you will get an alert for both tcp port 80 and udp 80 as an example. However if you have it set to low you will only get one alert for an outgoing and one alert for an incoming request.

It is set to very high, but it has always been. It doesn’t matter if you select “treat as blocked application” because it covers all directions, destinations and ports even if you don’t save the setting. Then it’s remembered as long as the process lives.

Okay I did some experimenting and I see that every new process of the same name will generate firewall alerts unless remember my answer is used. I’ll ask about this to see if it is by design or not.

Sounds like a plan. :wink: Thank you.

Um… but it’s ok that new instances create new alerts if the answer is not saved. But it’s not ok that the same instance creates subsequent alerts if “treat as blocked application” has been chosen before. But I guess we mean the same.
I believe it was different in the past - though I’m not 100% sure.

Any news? Problem persists. I always have to click “Treat as blocked application” twice. Firewall version

I didn’t get a response but my guess is that alerts are for each unique process or process id.

That’s what I’d expect, too. For the same instance/proc id, there shouldn’t be any popup after selecting “treat as blocked application” once. Actually it has to be selected twice before there is silence.