Multiple COMODO Internet Security tasks

I am using COMODO Free in Win8.1. My Toshiba laptop has been running very slow so I opened the Task Manager to see what was going on. When I select the Disc Drive column it showed 100% a lot of the time and 3 or more entries near the top of the list are all named “COMODO Internet Security”! Last night there were 3 of those tasks running near the top of the display. Right now there are 6 of those tasks near the top of the list! Is this what I should expect to see?

Does COMODO Free have a feature where it will use less resources if the laptop is being used by a user?


Hi and welcome wpw,
The following quote shows what all the individual processes are for.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the detailed answer to my primary question.

Does anyone have an answer to the following question that was in my original message?


Can you next time check under the Details tab of Task Manager which CIS executables are running?

Cavwp.exe will run it updates the av defintions, scheduled scan or cache cleaner/cache builder tasks are executed. To see what task are or were running you use the CIS task manager or check the Tasks log to cross reference.

I have an old netbook and I found that the following processes need to be added to the AV’s Excluded Applications because they will upset the AV component:

Thanks for the info Eric. I haven’t been able to find the Excluded Applications list. The version I’m running says it is


The second half of this Help page tells how to add executables to the Excluded Applications. You have to scroll down quite a bit.