MultiPlayer AntiCheat System that Works.

I’d love to see a company make a Anti Cheat system that works for games such as BattleField Anything by EA. Any and all EA games, as well as Valve. Lets Face it Punkbuster don’t work. Valve Anti Cheat doesn’t work.

Cheaters are destroying online gaming community. I love playing Shooters on my pc rather than on my consoles. I think if you could make something that stopped cheaters from injecting dll Files into games or other means of cheating you’d be the internet Super Heroes.

Just my idea and two cents.

Hi sireland, and welcome to the forum.

Are you saying that Comodo Defense+ is missing such activities as dll injection :o

I am not a computer gamer … but games themselves are not so important in this context … in any case - that is some statement! ???

Can you please be more specific, I’m sure you’ll get response from games enthusiasts and from developers

My regards

I guess to clarify what I was saying and to help comodo live up to it’s statement about bringing trust back to the internet… There are two programs out that game companies use to stop cheaters from using cheats.

Punkbuster by Evanbalance and Valves Anti Cheat program. Non of them work.
For instance you can do a search right now for Battlefield Heroes Cheats and find companies that sell cheats. I am sure this is an Illegal operation being it goes against the end user license agreements…

But anyways it seems they use Xfire (A great gamers chat/multi purpose program) to inject a dll file into the game to go behind punkbusters back and cheat. I am not sure how it all works. I can however tell you that it really sucks to have cheaters in games…

I figured Comodo was looking for idea’s on how to help the web and I am taking a long shot on what you might consider. You would literally be bringing trust back to the multi-Gaming community if you where able to stop the cheaters. As of now I’ve just about had it with playing games online because of this problem.

I hope this helps some… As I said I am sure this is a long shot. But thanks for listening.

It’s a game of cop’s and robers. Actually PB is quite useful. It has a known black list of hack software and scans memory etc for corruptions of the apps. As an admin on “~twiggy’s~” server on Soldier of fortune 2 Punk buster is quite useful. Can take screen shots of the player in questions screen and a few other tips.

I think Punkbuster is a geat help, however I think that the core proccesors from games etc should have better “self protection” from manipulation etc… It shouldn’t be up to the community.

Though it seems game publishers don’t seem to put too much effort into anti cheats. Maybe this could be an oppertunity for programmers to sell their expertise and “hardern” the games up. Just like “hacker gaurdian” that comodo provides on websites - they could do the same for games.