MultiPackFull.tmp #3

Hello. The issue is getting out of hand :slight_smile:

This the third thread regarding this WoT modifications package. Why does it always reappear in your databases?

First ocassion:;msg790870#msg790870
Second ocassion:;msg794283#msg794283


Virustotal: VirusTotal

Can you do something so we won’t have to report it each time it gets an update?


Hello un5killed,

This False Positive will be fixed soon. Since I remember you said you are using only the Firewall you can try going to the “File Rating>File Rating Settings” menu and disable the “Enable Cloud Lookup” option.

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Hello, FlorinG.
That was what I did… But this kind of defeats the purpose of this option :slight_smile:

Does someone mark this file as harmful?

This FP occurs on many other programs’ installers, it seems analysts fix the FPs just by adding the hash to some whitelist…


This FP should be fixed with DB 21479.

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