Multicommander Blocked?!

I just updated MC to 5.1.1 b1926 & it seemed quite happy. (W7 x64) Every file was added to the whitelist as always & it has full permissions everywhere I can find a setting.

I have been avoiding updating to CIS 7.x as it takes more clicks to do things I normally do because AFAIK CIS 7 has automated some functions I like to keep manual. e.g. if I’m writing code I don’t want CIS killing the file when I try to run it… Previously it was a lot easier to say “leave it alone!”

I finally thought I’d try 7 again & am sorry I did, having rebooted, now MC will not get past the splash screen, I cannot force MC to close via TM I cannot get the PC to reboot without a hard reset.

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get the system to run the whitelisted MC & get CIS to initialize an initial scan -since the 3rd hard reset it has now been sat saying initializing for 42 mins…

Anyone have any ideas how to stop this cycle of uselessness?

Turned out that about 70% of everything was blocked/not able to run.
Could not update, repair, reinstall/uninstall & was forced to use reset to get any progress at all.
Used the special uninstaller prog 0.3b to get back to a working system.
Luckily I had an old installer for v5.x so I did a new v5 install, lost all my settings & about 4 hours but at least I’m running again. 88)

I hope future CIS versions address the opaque & click intensive access to controls of 7.x as I assume 5.x may not be as safe as it once was.

With v7 and later you need to untick “The do not show pop up alerts” for AV, D+ and firewall. It is also an option can be disabled during the installation when choosing Customize Installation. That will give back a lot of control.

A belated thanks EricJH.
I did a complete uninstall as I had a lot of problems (& it wasn’t easy to get #8 off) It kept asking for reboots & wouldn’t allow repair etc etc…
I have now tried again & am hoping this upgrade will work properly & the now hard-to-find settings (like unrecognized files being buried instead of a click away from the start pane) will not be a barrier to usage given the increased security offered by 8.x

Keep us posted on how things go.