Multibootsystem, I want to protect only one partion

today I have got the CTM from a german PC magazin.
Nice tool ( like RollbackRx
but free).
I try the programm.
I have a multi boot system with 2 windows 7 partition ( new Windows 7 and windows 7 upgraded).
Unfortenatly I cannot choose that CTM only protect f.e Windows 7 new.
CTM want to protect both.
This is not good.
The two systems works individuell,
If I make a snapshot…both system will be saved.
AND: If I have to restore a system the other vwill restore too and I lost ther my new changes.
This is not good.
Rollback RX I can choose which Partion I want to protected.

It will be verey nice if CTM has the feature too.

I’m not sure but i think your disk layout is the cause here.

CTM by default protects now:

  1. The first Partition on disk
  2. The Partition where the OS is located.

And to “know” where it can store data it needs to be installed on both systems, as CTM does store it’s snapshots “outside” the view of windows.

Hi, numsi.
As Ronny said, the two partitions are protected by default.
We will consider the feature in the future versions.
Thanks for your support.


You might try post #4. v.154 works on a partitioned HD (one drive, two partitions). Don’t know about multi boot system!