Multi Sandbox/file for Virtual Desktops [Advanced Settings for Virtual Desktops]

1. What actually happened or you saw:

The current problem is when cleaning Sandbox Comodo is deleted all my work, and this is uncomfortable
2. What you wanted to happen or see:
My wish is that there are advanced settings for the virtual desktop, by making there more than one file or Sandbox. (Picture 1,2,3,…)

The main objective is to divide work: for example, I do not wanna be deleted all my work from the virtual desktop at the same time I do not want malware to spy on the inside of the virtual desktop. (Picture 1)
3. Why you think it is desirable:
When applying My wish is I think the desktop will become a more usable and comfortable, and at the same time, more secure
4. Any other information:
Through images more clearly understand my wish:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

This feature request is already in the tracker. Therefore, I will move this report “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.

There is no a similar wish to this topic :-\

*What happened or you saw* CIS supports only one sandbox at any one time

What you expected to happen and why
The ability to store multiple sandboxes for different purposes at the same time. Each should be able to have its own settings:

  • Sandbox settings inc exclusions
  • BB restriction level
  • FW settings & rules
  • HIPs settings & rule
  • AV settings
    These should be expressed as a diff to general system or default sandbox settings, or as stand-alone settings as appropriate.

You should be able to enter, exit, run a program in and and reset each separately, and concurrently.

You should also be able to archive and restore such sandboxes and transfer them between systems, allowing standard ‘pre-made’ sandboxes to be created, and maybe marketed, for different purposes

The sandboxes should be accessible via Kiosk or CIS GUI sandboxing.


  • things stored in sandboxes can conflict. A sandbox which may contain malware should not be used for banking
  • exiting from the sandbox only partially manages those risks, it does not protect against browser borne malware for example
  • you need different security settings for different purposes. For example the settings required for purposes in which privacy is foremost may be different from those where system protection is foremost, and the settings for situations where the risks are within the sandbox are likely to be different from those where what is to be protected is within the sandbox.
  • you need to reset

Links to relevant files
These issues and some limited workarounds for them are discussed here: