Mugshot of Melih

Personally I would like to see Melih’s mugshot; I like to know to whom I am entrusting the security of my PC.
I mean, he might have beady eyes, or horns or something…
Definitely cannot trust a guy with horns, sorry…

We’ve all seen Gates; heck even Eugene can be seen wearing his halloween mask here:

So how about it, Melih? :wink:

there’s pic of Melih & Egemen somewhere in this forum.i had seen it once. have you used CMG? egemen looks like the systray icon :slight_smile:

I did a search of the forum for “Melih” and “photo” and saw a dead thread requesting team pics but the request was never fulfilled…
Then I saw this thread and given the subject line, thought I hit the jackpot:
Unfortunately, no cigar.

have you used CMG? egemen looks like the systray icon ^_^
LOL, well he's a programmer; he's supposed to look like that. Anyway coders are generally faceless anyway; they never want people to see their pale skin due to insufficient exposure to sunlight. Melih is the frontman of this operation; at least he should put his pic up on the Corporate Profile page or something, unless there is a problem with the horns? :THNK ^_^

Edit Reason: Stuck a smiley at the end to make it clear statement was “Just in Jest”.

I’ll see if I can dredge it up. It’s from a while back, though.

after 30minutes searching,i remember that i saw the pic here, posted by “Soya”;msg89199#msg89199
apparently Soya deleted his own post (:SAD)

Oh no! I hope you’re not thinking of that picture of him marching with Martin Luther King!
See if you can find something more recent…

If you are talking of a real photo, I think you can easily find him by searching google photos with the tags ‘melih comodo’.

Ya, got it, can be found here:

Actually he looks a lot better since he got those horns removed.
IMO now he looks more trustworthy than either BillG or Eugene.
Now all I can say is:
(B) (R) (V)

Yeah, looks almost human - not bad for a CEO!

Here's the picture of Melih and egemen :wink:


I see egemen artfully chose the seat in the shadows… (:KWL)

Ah finally found that picture. You know, now that i look at it i believe Ganda is in the background trying to spy on the “Roadmap” :o

why do i always have to be the bad guy >:(
ehm, about this pic

is the laptop real? someone folded the screen? :slight_smile:

More shocking : Could Melih be Al Pacino’s younger brother :o

Greetz, Red.

OH MY GOD it cant be… Melih can be the new pacino :-TU

or the Count from Sesame Street? :slight_smile:



Is that a real picture of MELIH?

and btw… the pics of Egemen/Melih with the CFP road map… they both look like gangsters man!


Yep, the Comodo guy is realy Melih :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.