MSN Messenger Configuration

Hello Comodo Forum,

I recently installed msn messenger on my computer. In both firewall and defense settings I designated it as a trusted application and yet, I notice when I receive instant messages, Comodo seems to block transmissions connected with it. I do still receive the message but often times I experience delays in receiving messages or never receive them at all.

The same thing also happened with Skype which I just uninstalled since I thought it was causing a problem but now I’m suspect that it’s more likely my Comodo settings are done properly.

I searched older postings on how to properly configure Comodo to allow a free flow of instant messaging but all the posts I found were for v2 and at least 2yrs old.

Can someone tell me how to properly configure Comodo so that I am sure it will not interfere with using MSN Messenger? I’ve attached a screen shot of my firewall events log to give an example of what I’m experiencing.


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Make sure  you have added the MSN messenger. exe  and skype .exe in trusted application, because in  the log  its shows blocked , Also check in defense plus blocked  files , if msn and skype exe  are there ,   If its there remove it,  If  possible  send the screen shot of 

firewall → advanced -->network security polices–> application rules

Thanks for reply :-TU

  • Neither application were listed in the blocked files.
  • MSN Messenger in Network security policy was listed as “custom” so I changed it to Trusted Application. This is strange because I’m 90% sure I designated it from the start as a trusted app but perhaps I forgot to press apply… ???

Attached is the screenie you requested and MSN messenger is listed near the bottom.

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Remove messenger .exe from network security policy, then oce again add messenger.exe in the trusted application

Try this

Firewall/Advanced/Attack Detection Settings/Miscellaneous/Uncheck “Block Fragmented IP datagrams”, may require a re-boot

Now check for the issue