morning folks. quick question. in task manager i have process running-msn.exe.- quite a bit of memory useage. checked on google and got conflicting answers. not sure what to do in this situation. any help appreciated. have a great day. frank.

Hi bonnieville,
do you run MSN Plus, MSN Premium, or MSN 9 Dial-Up?
I’m sure you found this link as well. If not, have a look.
The article also describes how to disable it (I just skimmed it but I think I’m not lying here).
I have also read some negative things about MSN Plus though I don’t have the process running.
Hope the article helps a bit until s.o. who knows more about msn.exe than I do will provide you with a better and wiser answer.

tks a bunch granpa. will check that out shortly. running msn premium verizon fios. frank.