MSN disconnects and youtube will not load after Comodo install

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A couple of days ago I installed Comodo on a friend’s computer. Her OS is Windows XP. After the install she was able to log in with her MSN messenger. However, she can no longer change her status display and when she tries to change her status she gets disconnected from MSN within seconds. Even without changing her status display she gets disconnected after a few minutes.

Also when she visits with IE, the cite does not fully load (i.e., IE continues to show that it is loading the page but the last 12 (or some number like that) graphics will not load). I updated her Windows XP which installed IE7, but the same thing happens. I installed the Opera browser (my browswer of choice but not her’s) and youtube loads fully in Opera.

When I uninstall Comodo, MSN works normally and IE will load youtube pages. I have Comodo installed on my own computer and IE works fine with youtube (I do no have MSN messenger installed). I’ve reinstalled Comodo onher computer hoping that I will be able to resolve these issues.

Any suggetions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. - my friend’s computer and my own computer are using the the AOL Anti Virus Shield which uses the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 engine.

Thught I would give this one bump in hopes of getting an answer!

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You provided enough infos but I don’t have a resolutive answer on this.
Little Mac reported about compatibility problem with Kaspersky AV engines in the Installation for dummies thread.

This should mean that setting CPF to Allow all traffic to see it is a CPF configuration problem won’t solve this issue.

I don’t know if it is possible to make CPF and Kaspersky work along disabling some portions of AOL Anti Virus Shield (eg. the Internet and Network component).

Thanks for the welcome and the reply!

Both my brother and I have the same operating system and the same setup on our home computers. Both work flawlessly (although neither of us have tried MSN). I don’t normally use IE, but have tried it with youtube on my own computer and had no problem. Also, while IE does not fully load youtube pages on my friend’s computer, Opera does! My friend had the Freedom AV installed. Is it possible that some remanent of that program did not uninstall and is causing a conflict? I will try the allow all traffic option and report back.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the reply.


This issue may be a tough one.
Advanced firewall and most antivirus require a high level of privilege on certain windows function (look for kernel hooking).
If two softwares are aiming at the same OS functions they could cause unpredictable behaviour like the one you reported. Testing another browser is usually a good test but it cannot be resolutive if it is a compatibility problem.

But you tested IE on your pc and it works (you may test also firefox to confirm this) so the problem could be caused from another software or it may be part of the upredictable nature of these bugs.
The only thing that can confirm this to be a compatibility issue should be running CPF without AOL Web Shield (making a restore point before such test won’t hurt).

On a sidenote if Freedom AV uninstallation left some FAV drivers installed there would likely be such problems too.
Finding remnants of FAV is quite a difficult task. It would be easier with a list of files installed by FAV but if you are lucky you could find some info on FAV Knowledgebase. they have also a standalone uninstaller (FreedomCleanup) there.

Thanks a bunch for the additional information and the Freedom links. I had looked for some sort of Freedom removal software but did not find anything. Hopefully within the next few days, I will get a chance to try your suggestions and report back.

It should be noted that the Kaspersky-compatibility issues (whatever the core problems may be) are inconsistent. They do not happen to all users.
Some users are able to resolve them.
Other users are unable to resolve them (even using the same methodology).

So having it work on one system but not another isn’t necessarily indicative/conclusive.

Some of the youtube issues may relate to the ways rules are configured in each FW setup. I find those sites often require some odd IP Protocols to be allowed certain activity - can be different with different browsers, and seemingly even with different systems. As gibran noted, setting the FW Security Level to Allow All and then watching the connections occur when the page loads properly will give you a good idea of what rules changes need to be made.

If Allow All does not resolve the issue, then you’re pretty much looking at some other conflict - drivers, applications, residue, etc…