MSINFO32 High CPU Usage and Comodo Won't Hold Settings

For the last week or so, I’ve noticed system information appearing in task manager using 25% of the CPU. I would end the process but it would come back later. I thought I had found the solution in this thread:;msg879671#msg879671
Basically the solution was to turn off send anonymous data to Comodo in advanced settings under general settings logging. Today I restarted the PC to find the problem returned. The setting for sending anonymous data was checked. So at some point, Comodo introduced a bug in one of their updates, I’m assuming. I ran diagnostics and Comodo did not find any problems. Can this be addressed and fixed please? These settings should not revert with a PC reboot.

PS- I’ve had Comodo crash at least a few times in the last few days. Whereas before, I can only remember one crash since I’ve had it installed. This may or may not be related, but I thought I should mention it. Running Win 10 1809.

Hi CommodoUser2019,

I have forwarded the issue to our developers,they are working on it.
Could you please share some screenshots about crash that occurred in CIS,also check your personal message and provide the logs requested for further investigation.

Mathi R

Hi Mathi R,

Yes, next time it crashes I will get a screen capture and post it here. Will be waiting for message also.


Here’s an update:

Two days ago my PC had a Windows 10 quality update. July 22, 2019—KB4505658 (OS Build 17763.652). It’s only two days now, but CIS is holding it’s settings now and no crashes since the update. It could be that CIS didn’t play nice with the July 9, 2019—KB4507469 (OS Build 17763.615) update or the July 9, 2019-KB4507419 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1809 and Windows Server 2019. I don’t know if any of this is relevant, but included it here for anyone having a similar problem. If problem returns, I will post an update.

Hi CommodoUser2019,

Thanks for letting us know the status of the issue if it occurs again please provide mentioned logs and screenshots.