.msi Installer Workaround

Good day to everyone.

Little Disclaimer
This workaround involves editing .msi installer for CIS (CIS_Setup_x64, extracted from official installer).
It is not known to me whether or not this has any legal implications.
If so, any action by the moderators regarding this topic is understandable and I apologize in advance.
Nevertheless, I decided to share this information as it could prove to be interesting, if not useful.
This method is not thoroughly tested, just personal experience on Windows 10 LTSC (1809) x64.

Upon running CIS_Setup_x64 (v12.2.2.7036), I would get instant “Setup ended prematurely”.
Used switch to generate log. Log shows error 1603, “fatal install error” - which is not specific enough.
Within log, searched for “return value 3”.
That pointed to the line with string “TestWindowsVersion”. Good enough for starters.

Install SuperOrca (.msi editor). It’s free.
Run SuperOrca. Open CIS_Setup_x64 from within SuperOrca.
Don’t overthink it, just hit Ctrl + F to open search.
In the search box enter “TestWindowsVersion” (without quotes).
Whenever the search points to TestWindowsVersion field you will see corresponding value of 1. Change it to 0.
I had 3 different, distinct TestWindowsVersion fields for which i changed values from 1 to 0.

Installer runs fine, installation switches can be applied without problem.
INSTALLANTIVIRUS=0 INSTALLFIREWALL=1 (if you want just the firewall)

That’s it. All the best.
(Thanks to futuretech for moving topic to the apropriate section. Pardon the inconvenience.)

Can you give some context? What’s the workaround for? What’s it trying to achieve/overcome?

Should the problem you are working around be raised as a bug for the Comodo team to address without a workaround?

Sorry if this all sounded a bit vague.

Problem revolves around the fact that I was unable to install CIS with .msi installer CIS_Setup_x64, extracted from official installer.
I used to do that with previous versions (albeit years ago), but with latest v12.2.2.7036 it seems that it doesn’t work (using switches to fine-tune installation and settings).

Now, your question made me search a little more through forum and it seems my case is not the only one and that this type of installation is no longer supported by Comodo: https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/unable-to-use-the-msi-file-to-install-cis-t125145.0.html