MSHome Server


I have a question. I just purchased a MS Home server for my small business. I will have 3 users attached to it and I want to be able to back-up and access it when I’m not in the office. Can I use the enterprise edition to protect this server?


How many machines do you want to protect (with AV + FW + HIPS)?
If you would like to protect 3 machines (am assuming you have 3 users in home office based on info provided below) you might want to install and configure Comodo Internet Security (CIS) on each of these to enable protection.
Download link:

ESM is recommended for central management of endpoints for more than 10 -20 machines due to the setup / administration involved. For non-central management OR less no of endpoints CIS might be recommended.

Am not sure what exactly do you want to backup / need help with backup?
MS Windows Home Server provides a backup mechanism -
In addition Comodo provides the backup solution which might be downloaded from this link:

Hi Jyoti,
Thanks for the reply. I currently have CIS on all three of my computers. I haven’t unpacked the server yet but reading the PDF on it it has the MS Home Server package, the backup package and the remote access package. It has Win 7 OS with the standard windows firewall and no virus protection. I’m going to turn off the windows firewall and install CIS on it that should solve my problem.

Again thanks for the reply.