This bug (see link) reported over a year ago at least is still happening on the latest version. I can work around by turning off the advanced text services but shouldn’t have to. Is there a way yet to allow msctf.dll without cfp.exe hammering it?

See this link for the details:;msg166917#top

Hi hottroc

First, please make sure you using the latest version of Comodo Internet Security: COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531
Secondly, We are now collecting bugs in one place now: COMODO Internet Security 3.10 Bug Report Thread

COMODO Internet Security 3.10 is the last version of the “version 3 series” of both the Firewall, Antivirus, Defense+ and the other technologies. To simplify; This is the last CIS version before COMODO Internet Security 4.0. ANY bugs existing with COMODO Internet Security needs to be posted in the above bug reporting thread, This way developers can fix any issues in CIS v4.0 that replicate in CIS v3.10 and make sure they don’t exist in CIS 4.0, and have all these bugs in one place right here. IF However an emergency fix needs to be made, Then it will be fixed in a 3.10 build BEFORE 4.0. Developers are watching the thread closely.

Please post full bug reports details in the thread so developers don’t miss anything. :slight_smile: