mscorsvw.exe Alert

Got yesterday this alert blocked it but didnt remembered my answer cuz duno shuld i alow it and today got this alert 2 olso blocked it not remembered my answer.Never before got this alert is it safe to alow and why get this alert?

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Hi Reptil

Right, mscorsvw.exe… this process is a .NET component and part of its responsibilities is to compile (or recompile) .NET components on the fly. It does this to optimise .NET code on the target machine and is often referred to as the CLR or NGen Optimisation Service. This one-the-fly compiling is performed at two different levels of priority (High & low). High priority (the user trying to use that .NET component now or soon) compiles now & Low priority compiles when the target machine is considered Idle. In addition, I think this process is also called upon to perform NGen work itself.

So, clearly, from a users perspective, with the differing priority levels this process can pop-up unexpectedly without any apparent cause & start creating directories/files whilst chewing CPU cycles in the process.

That’s the why… is it safe? Yes, I believe it is. This just seems to be .NET doing its stuff.

Thank you very much on ur Help kail.