MS Update scanner

I was perusing through useful programs list on AumHa forums and found this.

I haven’t used ms auto update for years preferring to manually update using belarc advisor and softwarepatch to keep current. I’m pretty sure belarc doesn’t list office and maybe one or two others.
Just run for the first time and it picked up 5 office critical (yeah, shouldn’t have ignored office, thought sp3 be enough).
Can’t evaluate properly until after next patch Tuesday but it looks like it could be a good companion to belarc.

Has or does anybody else use it.



No, but do you know if Office (not Windows) updates are really required if none of its components are installed? (e.g. Outlook, Word, etc.)

I wouldn’t really think so, the updates shown were all application specific.
The only one I’ve ever added to office is sp3 and it’s always run fine, only install word,excel and pp.

Always blocked office apps in my firewall and kept windows updated, haven’t had any malware in years, so thinking about it they wouldn’t needed on mine either. I added an “important” update once before and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.
Just interested to see how it compares to belarc with the next round of xp updates. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t Belarc the one with the What were they thinking thread? :smiley: Oh wait. That was yours. I’m not convinced if it encourages users to post their pc specs on the net ;D.

Ever since I saw that link I have the urge to search and see if mines up there somewhere. Talk about black Helicopters.


Google is a guru at capturing/tracking net usage from people.

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think if you do a Microsoft Update, you get everything. Whereas, a Windows update or an Office update, just do one or the other.

I haven’t used any of the auto-updates for years either, I can’t be doing with all that MS hoop jumping.

By the way, I was reading something the other day, regarding critical updates to Office suites. Apparently, Office 2003 had something like 16 critical updates last year, Openoffice had two updates, deemed low importance…


Is that supposed to surprise us? ;D Office is a MS product…'nuff said.

I guess I was rather stating the obvious :slight_smile:

Oh yeah!