MS Patch Tuesday misery

Well, as I was expecting, the appearance of the monthly yellow shield in the system tray started a barrage of warnings from Defense+
It started issuing warnings even as the MS updater tried to create new subdirectories to store the download files into. After allowing it to finish downloading the updates, the real fun started as it tried to install them. I had to switch to installation mode for 3 (or was it 4) different update applications just to get the updates to install. What a pain!
Surely the MS updates should be allowed to go through without all this caper.

Much as I would like to use Defense+ , I can see it going the same way as UAC on VISTA ie. swithced off!

I’ve just tried the updated beta V.3 on another PC with exactly the same pain. Are there any plans to address this issue?

You’re telling me mate! I’ve just turned mine off after the same problem. It’s like the nanny state we have in the UK - over protective and a real pain in the ****. With it turned on you can’t leave auto update to get on with it unattended.

Same here…
Comodo v.3, win XP pro 32bit… Defense+ needs to be disabled permanently for the updates to be downloaded and installed automatically…
This needs to be fixed asap… (:SAD) (B)

Maybe I didn’t give it enough time but I didn’t receive an MS auto update so I just downloaded off the MS site (after seeing this post) and got seven critical updates. I had a bunch of D+ learning pop ups, but everything went smooth and updates were successful.

What’s odd is, I also haven’t receive one Comodo auto update announcement either. :THNK

  (:LOV)   (M)

PS I guess I should mention I get auto updates from NOD32 and BOClean without any problems. It’s just CFP and MS that I haven’t noticed.

Things went smoothly for me as well.
I downloaded the updates on WinXP via Start > Help & Support > Windows Update
The first thing that happened was that it had to install windows genuine advantage before I could even get to the updates.
I believe that I allowed this to install using Installer or Updater mode.
After installing WGA, it downloaded and installed the critical updates without incident.
I believe that I was still in the Installer or Updater mode while the critical updates were installed.


MS updates went smoothly on my system (Vista Business 32 bits).

Did not experience any problem.



I just looked, over 500 files pending. I have to say earlier I downloaded Spybot 1.5 and ran a scan so some were from that but MS had most of them. I did a look up which returned some safe and quite a few “unknowns” which are being submitted to Comodo as I type.

No glitches yet! (B)

No problem with the MS updates here. CPF just listed 300+ pending files, but everything installed correctly. Did 1 update with autoupdate on this XP Prof pc and then got updates from microsoftupdate site on my XP Home pc.

Oh, but I also had Defense+ in Training Mode so I guess it doesnt really count. Other than that (R)

Probably subject for another thread but I think I had my D+ set to Clean PC mode, but when I looked after the updates it was in Training Mode. Is that by design? I switched it back. FW is in Train with Safe Mode.

When if ever do we adjust the settings and to what?

I was doing a test of the CFP on my PC just got done half an hour ago it took 5 hours and 30 mins lol and it did well ;D

anyway i didn’t get a update notifcation icon in my taskbar about the windows updates, but thats to be expected it normally happens a day or 2 later for the UK

i went to the MS update downloads site and clicked to install the updates, I only had one pop up which i set to “Treat Application As installer/update and remember me ticked” then when it asked if i want to switch to Installation mode I said yes.

it was the only pop up I had after that all the updates only 6 of them for me downloaded and installed, took about 20 - 30 mins for the updates

So it went perfectly well for me :slight_smile:

I’ve got 355 pending files now after the updates gonna go through them in a bit