MS Patch Tuesday - Breaks DHCP w Comodo 3?

I just installed the last 10 Critical MS XPSP2 patches (latest patch Tuesday) and my hardwired client could no longer get a DHCP address - it assigning itself a 169.x.x.x APIPA address by default. I could not even contact the router to get an allocated static address. Replaced patch cord, disabled, uninstalled adapter etc etc.

So I punted, backed out ALL of the patches AND uninstalled Comodo and it works. So - my question is, is there something in the latest round of MS Tuesday patches known to muck with Comodo, and, if yes, what is the fix. The version of Comodo was the latest available. The client is also running Avast AV.

That patch is BETA…You are forewarned. Beware. is Beta? Hmm doesn’t say that @ Filehippo or here.

I thought you were talking about the latest SP beta for Windows XP.

When I had Comodo installed and had 7 Windows XP updates I had to sit there and keep clicking allow,allow,allow. Comodo went crazy.

No, the regular “Patch Tuesday” There were 10 miscellaneous XP and Office fixes.

I’m having the same problem.
When the system is rebooted it gets the I.P. instead of the dhcp range it’s supposed to get.
Rebooting both the cable modem and router fixes it but that’s a pain.
The two systems with CFP has the problem and the one without it is ok.
They need to work with MS on a fix for this.
I’ve hard coded my I.P. and DNS to help temporarily fix this.