MS Active-sync doesn't see my handheld when Comodo is enabled

How can I configure Comodo to let Active-sync to ‘see’ my handheld? Thanks. Linda

Hi eagleriver90, welcome to the forums.

I believe your handheld has an Internal LAN IP address when it’s attached via ActiveSync. So, I believe you need to create a Trusted Zone in CFP that encompasses both your PC’s and handheld’s LAN IPs.

Sorry, I guess I should have given more info than that. My handheld is an iPac by HP, and how does one configure the firewall to see the internal IP address? For that matter, how does one FIND the internal IP address? Can you tell I barely know what an internal IP address is??? All I really know is how to tell it that a program is ok to access the internet when a screen pops up.

Sorry if I am not using correct protocol, but I have never posted on anything like this, so forgive me if I am asking too much for this forum, or whatever, but I am kinda starting from scratch here. Thanks so much for any info you can give me.

When you connect a MS Windows based PDA, it creates a network connection that usually is in the - range. If you create a trusted network for this range of addresses, you should be able to sync.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your replies. Could you please tell me what steps I need to do to configure the firewall to see these numbers? I am not seeing an area where I can do this. Thanks so much!!