Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird compatibility

I noticed that iVault integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I think that a similar and seamless integration with firefox and perhaps thunderbird would be nice

And also the Opera browser too. :slight_smile:

And Windows applications.

I must agree ivalt intergration with firefox would be perfect :slight_smile:

Well I see that I will have to wait for I-Valt to work with any version of FireFox. It does work with the new Beta version of Internet Explorer 7. (V)

Please support firefox in all endevours… Many will download the firewall becasue they are not happy with the windows firewall or microsoft in general.

5 weeks have passed, i-Vault still at the same version?

The only thing that holds me back from getting i-Vault is the fact that it doesn’t work with Firefox. (:NRD)

I noticed several comments about Firefox. I agree that it needs to be an extension in Firefox.

Since Firefox is my primary browser, I cannot switch from Roboform until I-Vault is compatible with Firefox.

I’m still on the line: i-vault should be compatible with Thunderbird and firefox. Firefox is also my primary web browser and it’s a shame I could not use i-vault.


I was testing i-Vault just now and noticed it doesnt support FireFox.

IE is jurassic, nobody use it anymore and who still use doesnt deserve security at all :THNK

FireFox FTW!!

Seriously, this site offers the best firewall for the people that care most about security.

What kind of person that worries about security uses Internet Explorer? This makes no sense. :confused:

I was surprised that the “default” browser isn’t launched. Why isn’t this done?

Yes, only reason I’m not using i-Vault is because it is not compatible with firefox. Until it is, I’m sticking with Roboform… I hope we will see an extension for Firefox soon :THNK

Haha, that is so true!!

FireFox not supported. I’m not alone. Unfortunately, I no longer support Wooly Willie. Just been left itchy and scratch’n to often. Run IE just to get the never ending patches. Otherwise, never use it and don’t wanna hafta.

Add me to the list of users wanting support for Firefox. I do use IE7… but only when necessary.

Now, I won’t get into the whole Windows vs Linux debate (I use both extensively), but I would LOVE to see Comodo products for my Linux systems!

I am with you guys. I just downloaded this baby. It kicks major arse in all categories … unfortunatly … I am AMAZED that it dosent work with FireFox.

Seriously … does anyone who is actually concerned about security actually use IE? Let me answer that for you … NO.

Comodo… Please Please Please … hurry up and add Firefox functionality to this application. Unfortunatly this one will be sitting idle for me until it is FireFOx compatible.

Add me to the chorus! I have already sung the praises of Comodo’s firewall to faculty and students at the my university – particularly those burned by inferior product.

I endorse all the previous comments about the need for FF/TB compatibilty. However, I would also say that it is surprising and disappointing that no mention is made of this fundamental flaw in the program’s home page. Flaw I say, and flaw I mean, and not to acknowledge it openly is disingenuous and can only generate negative publicity for Comodo when would-be users download in blissful ignorance of the fact that product is actually useless for their needs. Just be honrest and up-front and say on i-vault’s page “For IE only”. How hard could that be?

Downloaded ivault, set up with all my site passwords and then read here that it’s not compatible with firefox. Really liked the look and setup of this program.
Teach me to do a bit more reading Eh!