Mozilla Firefox 2 Issues?

Hey gang,

Just wondering but has anyone had any problems with Comodo and Mozilla Firefox 2? Occasionally I will open Firefox and I can’t get to my main page, which happens to be Yahoo. I then choose “Allow All” in Comodo and try again and it opens the page just fine (I then change it right back to custom). Other times I will be surfing the web and hit, possibly, a spoofed page or something else and it will lock down the whole browser, i.e. can’t go back to home page and will only resolve itself if I open a new browser.

Now this could all be in the setup to do this for security reasons, but just wondering if there have been any issues with Firefox 2 (by the way I have the BETA version currently) that I may need to be aware of.

One last question too, the Application list where you choose to allow in/out access. Is this ok to choose in/out access for the firefox.exe itself…I assume it’s just so the executable will be able to access the internet but not sure if that needs to be configured more for security?

Thanks for the great firewall and I can’t complain at all with it! (:WIN)


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I’ve run CPF against Firefox 2.0 all the RCs & the 2.0 Final without seeing anything like you’ve described. But, I think what you’ve described does sound similar to something else. This may seen like an odd question… which AntiVirus are you running? Also, what’s your OS?

My Antivirus is Symantec and my O/S is XP SP2.

OK. It’s not the same thing.

I searched for forums for Yahoo & found a post entitled [Resolved] My Yahoo won’t load. If this is the problem that you’re having, then I guess you should have corresponding block messages in CPFs log. Is there anything in CPFs log?

Ahhh, ICMP Fragmentation I didn’t think about that it could be related to my issue but it doesn’t seem to be focused primarily on Yahoo, I can try other websites like MSN and it won’t open either…it’s like it completely locks the entire browser. I checked to see if possibly my wife didn’t “accept” a popup for Firefox (which has happened before) but firefox.exe is in/out authorized. Also it is sporadic too, but now that I think of it it appears to happen right after a reboot. I connect my DSL and wait till everything is up and then bam can’t hit a webpage…pinging websites works fine though.

I unfortunately don’t have access to my logs at this time but I will post them later when I can get to them.

Thanks for the help so far, if you have any other ideas shoot them my way!

One last thing, is there a forum or walkthrough for port-blocking in CPF?


Yes… that would be How To - Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules properly I guess.

Wow… that sounded rude. I meant to say “I think this is the one”, not “I guess”. Really sorry.

Anyway, I’d also like to move this topic to Help section of the CPF forum. I think it would get better exposure there. Is that OK?

That would be great!

And don’t worry about the “I guess” comment, never took it as being rude anyway (:LGH)

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