Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 Final

hello guy’s!

Firefox 14.0.1 final was released today i think…

any ETA on launching IceDragon based on the new version (like Comodo Dragon based on new Chrome’s version?

here we go again with people creating new post about other browsers releases, first it was dragon.

i’m sorry for being interest on the development of a nice peace of software…

For future reference we dont have any release dates and the devs usually dont get on to tell us any eta so its best to just wait. There is no need to start a new topic

[Edited - apols for possibly misleading info re IceCat - now checking what Mozilla fork has been used]

IceDragon is perhaps not directly dependent on the main Firefox fork of the Mozilla Browser Project, but rather one of the other forks, I’m not sure which one, maybe one of the ICE* forks?

If so it will likely track changes in that fork, I suppose?


It appears that it probably is dependent on the main source fork (though this has not been confirmed by Comodo) presumably just moded for security then compiled using the non-branded compiler settings.

Apols for misinfo.

Best wishes