Moving from Normal SSL to EV SSL


We have Few websites running with regular SSL ceritificates. (Windows 2008/IIS 7.5). Certs are deployed on IIS itself.
We like to upgrade them to EV SSL certificate. I understand that the EV SSL take additional time to generate be cause of the extended validation required.

But I have following question on deployment:

  • Will the new certificate deployment on IIS same as usual cert? Do we need to deploy any additional CA certificates?
  • Our clients installed the CA certificate on their servers to allow access to our sites, will they have make any changes after the deployment?
  • Is there any thing else our users/client have to do for this change from regular SSL to EV SSL?

Thanks for your time.

The installation/deployment process is exactly the same.

I’m quite worried though, that you feel clients had to install a certificate on your servers to access your sites - this would mean it was never setup right. It’s not like people go installing Facebook’s certificates on their desktop so they can visit

End users won’t have to change anything in this move, but again, end users never should have had to do anything to see your normal certificates.

I’d get your current environment looked at and fixed up before looking at upgrading. If users are actually tolerating having to install certificates just to use your website, they have far more to gain by getting that fixed.

What is your motivation for EV? You’ll find most users you talk to won’t be able to identify the difference.