moving data centre of PCI DSS compliant company

Hi All,

Can you please help me in identifying the challenges for the below scenario?

Recently my company has acquired a payment processing company which is PCI DSS compliant.
Now, we are planning to move there data centers into our data centers and our data centers are not PCI DSS compliant. The problem is we don’t know what will be the consequences of this change on the PCI DSS status of the company. Do we have to go through the certification process again? or If not, then how can we retain the certification?

Waitning for the response.


If your datacenter is not PCI DSS compliant, you will be forced to pass the annual PCI DSS assessment of your datacenter to keep their certification (of the acquired PSP company).

From your point of view, it will be PCI DSS requirements 9 and 12.

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