Mouse pointer does not line up with the boxes in Facebook Apps

until recently the mouse pointer lined up with the boxes to click on exactly. In the last couple of days this is not the case and I am fed up with having to use a different browser because Dragon does not lineup. Please fix ASAP. URGENT!

I agree with you.

I’m having a LOT of issues with Dragon while on Facebook. Seems there are some incompatibility there … I suspect it is because a lot of Facebook stuff works via Flash? It’s bad enough I’ve gone back to other browsers for FB. Otherwise, Dragon seems to work pretty well on most sites.

UPDATE: After complaining about Dragon and FB today I went into FB account settings and changed some things. It appears that most (but not all) of my issues were resolved by reviewing and changing these settings. The one in particular that was mostly at the root of the problem was somewhere the option for “use secure browsing whenever possible” box had been checked, forcing FB to operate in https mode most of the time. Turning that off solved many of my issues. Sorry for not realizing this earlier.