Mouse Cursor Flickering

Hello i’ve been experiencing weird behavior ever since I caught and removed a virus a few days ago… I used comodo to remove the virus then ran a couple other free AV’s to make sure it was gone and it was but the days that followed I began having problems with websites using flash weren’t loading and had slow downs when clicking thru tabs only after I uninstalled Adblock from firefox was I able to load flash websites and tabs became functional but before the virus everything ran fine with adblock ???

What I find weird is today I left my computer idle for a few hours when I came back I had this weird artifacts on my browser after rebooting artifacts were gone but my mouse was flickering constantly in fear of it being remote access control I disabled my ethernet and problem was gone my mouse was normal again this leads me to believe my system may have been compromised by a hacker?

I have an image of the partition but I would like to clean my system instead because then I wont have to reinstall 30+ pc games and lose game progress

What are the steps I should take to clean out my system properly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks! ;D

Edit: I peeked into other threads and it is advised to run Hitman Pro Malwarebyte Super Anti Spywear in safe mode I will change my ip address and run those programs in safe mode then post a hijackthis log and report back

Please follow the advice I give here and let me know if there are any unknown processes running after a restart.


Hi after updating it ran a scan and found a threat under C:\Programs Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine\Temp and failed to remove after rebooting but am sure that’s because it’s a Quarantine file for Viruses

After that I ran KillSwitch and found this unknown process running C:\WINDOWS\system32\TUKERNEL.EXE should I terminate or delete it?


Edit: On Verdict it says “FLS.Absent”

Are you using Tune Up Utilities? The file could belong to that. Check the Properties of the file to see if it is part of TUU.