Mount Snapshot...why?


         This is my second try at CTM,and everything is

going great this time! :slight_smile: Very nice second time around
and can’t find a bug yet! I was going to buy Shadow Defender,but I tried both
and like CTM better! And free!

I have been reading about mounting a snapshot

into NTFS directory.

Please help me here! What does it do exactly? Am I more safe? Less safe,or does it not matter?

Why mount the snapshot? Very confused still after reading about it.

 Sorry for the dumb questions,but I mounted it and I see a new drive mounted.

What is this doing for me? Am I not just as safe as the default setting where
there is no mounting of a snapshot.

Thank you for any help on why to mount a snapshot and what does it do and is it needed or better to do so

than not? Very confused…still. But I get everything else about CTM and is very easy to use.

You can mount a snapshot to recover a single file or group of files that have been deleted or modified from the current file system.

This is much quicker than snapshotting the current system, restoring to the older snapshot that contains the required files, copying them to an external storage device and then restoring to the most current snapshot (where this digital polka began).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi panic:

Thanks for your wonderful reply.

Best Regards.