Most webistes that I visit bring up tons of unnecessary pop up windows

Most websites that I visit either crash or load thousands of unnecessary blank pop up windows as well as an error message saying to renew a virus protection even though I don’t any not virus protections installed on my computer plus they load slow in addition to all those unnecessary blank pop up windows. And as you will see you in the screen shots I am providing all this ■■■■ comes up about renewing my Mcafee protection and Mcafee wasn’t even ever installed on my computer. This is a Icedragon problem not my computer being infected. Icedragon will say all crazy things on this that my activation key has been damaged but it hasn’t because I can get on some websites without this happening but most of the websites that I go on with Icedragon this problem keeps on happening and won’t go away. I hope you can fix this issue for me and tell me how to fix this issue. This happens when i go onto 106.7 lite fm’s website, the accuweather websites and etc.

It seems you are pretty infected with adware or other kind of bad stuff. Your infected host file can show you such banners or scare tactic ads. Please pay attention that McAfee alert and URL of that page. It is a fake website. It is not McAfee!!
Those are seems advertisements to make you pay for scams and as you said, you even do not have antivirus installed.
Comodo IceDragon working fine, the actual problem is infection on your PC.

Please follow the simplest guide below…

Please run a few antimalware scannings. (example, Zemana AntiMalware and Comodo Cleaning Essentials)

Then please install an antivirus on your computer, it is a must!! Comodo Cloud Antivirus

and please use adguard adblocker in your IceDragon browser. Most of ads these days are spreading malware and adwares. You might got infected from those visited sites’ ads.

By the way, All of these softwares are free :wink:
Stay safe, and ask anything you did not understand, I will try to help you.

When I try to use Comodo Cleaning Essentials it says Cannot access virus signature database server as you will see it says that in the lower left corner of this screenshot that i am providing. Why is the connection refusing to connect to the database and please find a way to get it to connect to the database server. It loads up to 48% and then freezes on the spot with this message

and Zemana Antimalwayre is actually not free because like you will say it says in this screen shot on the bottom of the screen that I have to pay to continue using it which is the reason i don’t use any antivirus programs and have to put up with this shit of having theses problems constantly. I don’t have the money to keep paying monthly for these antivirus programs. They need to find one that will be totally free even when using the full version otherwise I am stuck putting up with this shit all the time and I don’t like it that i can’t enjoy my computer because they make me pay for shit that I don’t have the money for.

It is just a popup… after trial period of Zemana, you can still scan and remove threats for FREE…without paying anything. So, you can clean your infected PC for FREE without paying anything. I did not force you to pay anything…and calling these softwares as “rubbish” not fair. There are people who develops these and spend their times on them.

After removing threats with Zemana intall Comodo Cloud Antivirus from the link I gave you.
Then install the adblocker and you are good to go!

There is a problem with the Zemana AntiMalware Program. The cleaning process of the computer doesn’t finish and the status bar stays stuck in this one location and never moves like you will see in this screen shot that the green status bar has been stuck in this same position for over 10 hours and there is no sign of it moving at all which means my computer can’t get cleaned. I hope you can help me with this issue to get the green status bar to move past this location and get the whole process to finish. Also did you get my message about the problem with Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

I am not Comodo developer so I cannot tell anything about Comodo Cleaning Essentials stuck nor this Zemana…
I offered you to best tools to clean an infected PC.
Maybe you can also try Malwarebytes AntiMalware DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION

Scan with it… it seems you are heavily infected :-\ This is why ? You are not using any real-time protection. There are many free antivirus or internet security softwares to protect you computer without paying any!
Please use an antivirus and adblocker

there is no option for Comodo Cloud Antivirus on the HTTPS Everywhere link you sent me. The only thing that pops up on that page to download is HTTP Everywhere, no option that says Comodo Cloud Antivirus is listed on that page. I copied the url to this page. Just look at it and you will see what i am talking about. HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation

It seems your computer skills are very basic!! I meant my previous post. but you are talking about my signatures… Anyway…

Please download Comodo Cloud Antivirus here : Cloud Antivirus | Comodo Free Proactive Protection Software

Please add Adguard to your IceDragon here : AdGuard AdBlocker – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Agree with the previous poster, you must use Comodo Cloud Antivirus.