Most recent Comodo update has caused errors

Wed. Sept. 29th, 2010


Following the most recent major update to my free version of Comodo Firewall, I noticed that I am no longer able to access the User Interface panel that displays Comodo’s Status / Updates / Settings / etc.

I’ve been using an all black skin for the panel itself, however, following the update, the panel is now ENTIRELY BLANK.

I can move my cursor over the area just beneath the MINIMIZE / EXPAND / CLOSE (X) icons along the top of the panel, and in doing so, small horizontal blue bars light up and then disappear once the cursor has moved over them. Everything else on the panel is absent. Just totally blank.

It is almost as if there are buttons or links that are there, but are not appearing.

Could someone out there please help me with regard to finding a solution to this. Either that, or I am pondering the idea of uninstalling Comodo Firewall from my computer.

Thanks for your time and assistance,


Please see this.