More than just Comodo

A little patience please.

Patience Yes,but I am not a fan of Microsoft rushing to release a new OS (Win 10)
10240 & forcing us all to use what is still a Beta Product. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean
we should all jump on the band wagon.

All you have to do is think about older Microsoft OS’s like XP & Win 7, How many Security
& Problem Bug Fixes have we had.(& now they want us to use & Trust a completely new Edge Browser) So to sum it all up… Every OS MS has ever release to RTM has Been a Beta. Good thing we all have choices & can wait before accepting it as our Default OS.

Hi Cavct,
All currently developed software has continual enhancements, security and/or bug fixes.
I guess we could say all software is in the Beta phase. :wink:

Kind regards.