More silent install parameters

Firstly i’d like to thank you for Comodo CIS, finally a very decently performing firewall + antivirus that is truely free even for use in the office so you don’t have to worry about license issues when occasionally using your private laptop for work related stuff. :-TU

I would like to install Comodo CIS on several computers that i tend to reinstalled quite frequently, so to save me a lot of work i made a small script that will install all my regularly used apps in one go.
I would like to add Comodo CIS to my script and i noticed that it is possible to install CIS silently by using the -s parameter.

However, i would like to also be able to specify that CIS starts in Training mode both for the “Defense + Security Level” and the “Firewall Security level”.
Then it would also be nice if it would be possible to specify that you want to only install antivirus or only the firewall.

Would it be possible to add silent install parameters that would enable one to do this?

I would like to second this.
Silent install parameters are the only thing missing from what I think is a great security suite.

Please please please add this.

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 13.1. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

Suggestions for future version(s) AIO

Thanks tor345, i checked the list, it look good to me. :slight_smile:

Looks good to me as well.
I don’t know what others think (or what is easier), but maybe implementing switches for stuff that should not be installed is easier than having to set switches for stuff that has to be installed.


CISSetup.exe -s -notoolbar -noplussupport -fwtraining -d+training

Would install full CIS silently without the toolbar or the “Plus package” and would set de firewall and Defense+ to training mode.

The other way it would become sth like:

CISSetup.exe -s -firewall -defense+ -antivirus (-notoolbar -noplussupport) -fwtraining -d+training

Which basically does the same (the 2 switches between brackets are optional).

But, I leave this all up to you, just my humble suggestions :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response and keep us updated :slight_smile:

@Ben.Hahlen, yes that is ok with me aswell.
Your suggestion may even be more efficient, because usually there are less items that you don’t want, then there are items that you do want.

I added some examples to post (13.1). And I’m not sure about how to take settings by default.
If disabled or enabled. I think that main goal is that this feature will be somehow sometimes implemented to Comodo’s install package so we’ll be able to set some options. It’s not so hard to write command line in any way selected. After that we can talk about which way is better.

I think you guys should try our Endpoint Security Manager .

I think CESM (Comodo Endpoint Security Manager) does all you need plus more :slight_smile:

take care

PS: at the moment it still works with CFP only… (CIS will be integrated in January I remember correctly).


@Tor345: I think that default would be enabled (to maximize out of the box security). But you’re right in saying that that should be to the Comodo Dev Team to figure out.

@Melih: First off: thank you for bringing CFP and CIS to us :). I honestly love the Firewall (been using it since the 2.3 days or so) and am really fond of CIS already.

Endpoint Security Manager does what I want, but there are two problems for me:

  1. It is a five-user trial
  2. I do not have a centralized server to install from or to keep it updated.

I will try to explain why the silent install paramters would suit my needs:
I have a “standardized” DVD with all “necessary” software (OpenOffice, FoxIt PDF Reader, WLM, Java, CCleaner and some other programs) that needs to be installed on a new PC or a PC that has received a clean installation. I do this for friends and family.
I think you can imagine that I do not want to sit there, click the setup, click through the screens, wait for it to be installed and then install the next program.
I’d rather select the programs that need to be installed, hit the install button and go have a drink and don’t come back until it is done.
I’ve got pretty much all software covered that I need, except for Comodo. It is the Internet Security of choice for me, due to its small footprint and excellent firewall results.
I trust the Comodo Firewall so much, that I’ve run my own pc without any Antivirus for about 5 months whilst waiting for CIS to come out, as that would be the only free integrated x64-compatible Firewall and AV.

I hope this makes clear why, at least for me, silent install parameters would be a very welcome addition.

Once again: thank you for your time. It shows that you’re very involved as your browsing the forums and replying to posts as well.

IMHO it’s easier to implement it to CIS than to be forced to use another product to do the same thing more complicated way. It’s more universal solution, and not so hard to implement.

I don’t think that it have to be enabled by default to maximize security. I think when someone is going to use command line parameters, he/she has to be advanced enought to know what he/she wants/doesn’t want to install, enable, set, … When you’re going to play with matches you should be aware of fire ;).

@tor345: Fair point. I don’t mind which switches will be available, just would really like to see them.

Quick question: You said the -s switch works, what does it install then? Does it also install the toolbar and such?
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Quick question: You said the -s switch works, what does it install then? Does it also install the toolbar and such?

Not sure to whom it’s addressed. I didn’t say that -s works. And I think silent means just don’t use GUI or some kind of dialogs. -s or /s parameter doesn’t select what to install just the way of installation.

Sorry, it was aimed at you tor345.

Also thought you had tested it and found that it works, so thought I’d ask you what is being installed when you install it with the -s switch.

I agree that -s means that no dialogs or GUI should be shown.

Oh well: will try in a VM and report back, unless you did test it, then I would like to know your results and whether it’s worth to try to install with the -s switch or just do it by hand.

Yes, CESM is a good method to create a hignly customized silent install.
However, for small home-office companies, that do not have a SQL server to their disposal, but do want to automize installations to some extend, CESM is not an option.

Also may i add that when the firewall and the anti-virus were seperate products, having only the -s parameter available was quite sufficient, because one could choose to silent install just the firewall or just anti-virus by choosing one or the other installer, however now that the firewall and anti-virus are combined in one Comodo internet Security installer, it is no longer possible to choose to silent install just the firewall or just the anti-virus.

Would it be possible for you to just add an extra parameter which enables one to specify to silent install just the firewall and/or just the anti-virus?
So nothing fancy, just those 2 options?

how about making an SME version of CESM?

What would you like to see in it?


Ok, how about:

  1. The ability to customize silent installs by a gui. I would prefer for the result of that to be a simple command line that can be put in batchfiles for example, but no seperate cfg of mst files.

  2. An overview of all the computers and their anti-virus status. The status could show whether they have the latest virus updates or not and if virusses have been found.

  3. The ability to create containers on which one can apply policies or program updates.

  4. A command line option available to put a computer into a specific container.
    This would be very important to automize the installation of cis on computers that are being freshly installed.

  5. A msde or even a simple mdb database. Could also be mysql.

  6. Sent a rapport by email which contains a list of infected computers.

My votes too for silent install.

I would like to propose another two addition to silent install.

  1. Export your customized CIS settings, give it some name. (D+, AV, Firewall whatever we want)

    Place the configuration (.cfgx) file along with installer.

    Now provide a switch to install CIS with this configuration.

  2. Place the downloaded bases.cav file along with installer.

    let the installer automatically pickup these latest bases during installation.

    (Of course, we would like to see a way of updating CIS offline, manually after installation too)