More informative Dragon Installer

Request the Dragon installer is more informative about any additional features which become a part of the installation … which users may not wish in hindsight had happened automatically without any warning.

Currently any new features being added to the installer, if a user allows automatic updates, will be installed without giving the user any prior informed choice in the matter.

Resulting in understandably annoyed users who upon visiting the forum to read what the new fixes were, get a bit of a shock when they read about the added features the auto installer has placed upon their machine.

For example read all the reactions to the introduction of Comodo Message Service in version 29.1 …

… And the reaction to the only option to remove it being via a registry key ???

See attached mock-up Installer page to deselect multiple features

This page could be very informative - Compare currently with version installer which asks if you want to install Adobe Flash … People may assume this to be the usual sandboxed Pepperflash which is commonly associated with Chrome variations, as opposed to the full Adobe invasive software which the installer downloads and auto executes - Chain installation.

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Yeah, sometimes the options can be nuts - w/various software; but, also, what are the alternatives - besides a “more informative Dragon installer” - not informing and/or giving a choice for the extras?.. You know how it goes, “if it’s not broken”.

Whoa, 0k, having checked your link: disabling that option from the Registry was a little crazy. xD

Anyway, I’m guessing for a LOT of users… Some of these defaults and options are (rly?) necessary; Because, for example, they’ll never know how to enable them - and sometimes such options can be useful, for those people and/or others??? Gah, I’ve typed out this entire post… && still not sure whether there’s a point to it (posting it anyway :)).

Dragon has EnableMessageCenter set to 0 by default, from the looks of it (can’t remember whether I selected something on install); Screenshot attached.

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