More info on virus

Comodo says that my PC is infected with heur.pck.shrinker.
I know that the antivirus software vendors often use different names for the same virus, but this one doesn’t show up at all on Google.
Where can I find more info about it?

Could you do a quick-check with Superantispyware and Malwarebytes please ? You can download them here


I too am seeing this, but can’t find any details on it. Can someone direct us to what this could be other than another tool to scan for it?

There have been a few heuristic false positives recently, about to be fixed I think.

You could try submitting the file/s to Comodo and Virustotal.

If it is the virus name you are looking for, I think Comodo is not spending too much time with naming them, but instead spending time detecting them.

Heur is the heuristics
pck.shrinker is a shrink packer

Does this make sense to you?

You may also submit the files to CIMA for analysis:

Hello, I just got this tonight. It came up when trying to install DAK’s Wave/MP3 Editor Pro. I don’t know if the two are related. I have an e-mail in to DAK as well (

I just had the same hit after installing DAK’s Wave/MP3 Editor Pro. I allowed Comodo to quarantine the file ‘progressbar4.ocx’ and not too much later, an installation window appeared from DAK’s program as if to do a reinstall - then it it was gone and 'progressbar4.ocx was back in my Windows\system32 directory. Comodo found it again, and this time I said to ignore it. I know if I even click on the file Comodo will promptly ask to to do something with it, again. I’ve been running Comodo internet security for some time now, and this is the first glimpse of a possible false positive.