More granularity for cloud lookup - Need your feedback

I have created this wish in our internal bug tracker a few years ago. In order to get this added Umesh has asked me to create a public poll to see the interest in this wish.

*What actually happened or you saw When the cloud lookup is enabled in File Rating settings, unknown files are checked in the cloud for both safe and malicious file ratings.

**What you wanted to happen or see
The user should have the option to enable these rating checks separately. 2 different options in the settings would be desirable.

  1. Enable cloud lookup for safe files
  2. Enable cloud lookup for malicious files

Why you think it is desirableSteps* (If exact steps are needed to reproduce what happened, put them here)1.2.3.
This would be desirable for users that dont want to use the cloud whitelist. This would also be desirable for users that dont want any type of av enabled but they do want the whitelist.